Video game developer claims he once pitched Adam Sandler a ‘Happy Gilmore’ video game

The game would have combined golf and fighting according to the viral post
Photo credit Tommaso Boddi / Stringer

It has been 25 year since ‘Happy Gilmore’ was released, and for many Adam Sandler fans; it is still their favorite film in the Sandlerverse. Not only did the movie get many interested in golf for the first time, but it gave fans plenty of lines to quote for years to come. Now, it has been revealed that the movie was almost made into a video game, and fans are demanding the chance to play it.

Video game developer Mike Mika recently revealed on Twitter that he once pitched a ‘Happy Gilmore’ video game to the Happy Madison crew that would have combined golf and fighting. The tweet featuring a photo of what the game’s cover may have looked like quickly went viral. “Good times. It should have been greenlit because it was a great idea,” said Mika.

According to Cinema Blend, Mika claimed Sandler was “super supportive” of the project, even though it was never released. Many fans are now demanding the game gets released. Hopefully one day fans will get the chance to play the ‘Happy Gilmore’ game.