Pizza Hut announces they will begin selling clothing inspired by '90s décor

The new line will also include four packs of the pizza chain’s iconic red plastic cups
Photo credit Carlos Becerra / Stringer

It seems nostalgia has become the go to way to get consumers interested in just about any product. Whether its movies, television, merchandise or even fashion; businesses continue reaching for the past to come up with new material. Now, Pizza Hut has announced they are getting in on the nostalgia action as well. The pizza chain will begin selling a limited edition line of clothing and other products inspired by their 90s décor.

Pizza Hut surprised many of their fans this week when they unveiled a new line of “tastewear.” The clothing being offered includes a track suit designed to look like the chains’ 90’s aesthetic and a t-shirt featuring the chain’s old lampshade logo. Along with the clothing, Pizza Hut will also begin selling four packs of their iconic red plastic cups, according to Brobible.

The new line is currently available for purchase at, but will only be available for a limited time. Many fans have already flocked to the website to show off their love for the chain. For pizza lovers, these items are a must have.