10 Rock Songs For Halloween

danny pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

Halloween. My favorite holiday out of them all. I know in the rock community, a lot of you can say the same thing. There is just a synergy that works together with the rock lifestyle and this haunting season. And with Halloween being on a Saturday this year, I figured you need a Halloween playlist! Especially since most of us will be staying home this year!

Because what Halloween season wouldn’t be complete with out the tunes to bring the mood into such a morbidly great time.

- Beheaded - The Offspring


And my favorite scene from "Idle Hands" which featured the band and song during the Halloween Dance! 


- Rob Zombie / Marilyn Manson - Helter Skelter


- Christmas Night of the Living Dead - MxPx


- Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie 


- This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson


- Halloween - The Misfits


- Total Immortal - AFI


- New Found Glory - Scarier Than Jason Voorhies At A Campfire


- Ramones - Pet Sematary


- Dead Kennedys - Halloween


What do you think? Got any to add? Of course there are a ton more, and I skewed toward the punk rock and pop punk category. Share yours!


See you in the virtual pit! WASH YOUR HANDS AND STAY HAUNTED!

- Danny V.