Cheesecakemania: Cheesecake Factory Rolls Out New Line of Ice Cream

Cheesecake from Sullivan's Metropolitan Grill in downtown Anderson during the 20 Under 40 of Anderson County event at The Bleckley Inn Carriage House in downtown Anderson Monday, October 28, 2019. 20 Under 40 Of Anderson County
Photo credit © Ken Ruinard / staff, Anderson Independent Mail via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Do you love The Cheesecake Factory? Do you love ice-cream? Well I’ve got some great news for you! Today I learned that the Cheesecake Factory is releasing a line of pint sized ice-cream flavors all based on the dessert they’ve become famous for, CHEESECAKE.


My mouth is watering just thinking about combining two of my favorite desserts, cheesecake and ice-cream. These flavors may be so good that they’ll change “Neflix and Chill” to “Cheesecake and bake”. Don’t take my word for it thought, explore these fantastic flavors for yourself:


- Birthday Cake: a mix of cheesecake ice cream with cake pieces, icing, and candy sprinkles.

- Chocolate: chocolate cheesecake ice cream with chocolate fudge swirls.

- Cookies & Cream: cookies and cream cheesecake ice cream mixed with chocolate cookie swirls.

Key Lime: key lime cheesecake ice cream with and graham swirls.

- Original: cheesecake ice cream with graham swirls.

- Salted Caramel: caramel cheesecake ice cream with sea salt caramel and graham swirls.

- Strawberry: strawberry cheesecake ice cream with strawberry and graham swirls.


Find out more about the flavors here:


With 7 great flavors, how is a person supposed to choose?  How about we ask the BJ and MIGS crew what flavor they’re more pumped to try for a little inspiration.


And the winner is……BIRTHDAY CAKE with 3 votes!


That’s right; Sara, Vicky and The Rev all voted for this celebratory flavor that can be enjoyed on any day, not just your birthday.


In second place we have Original with 2 votes! Both Danny and I agree that if you’re going to start off somewhere, it might as well be with a classic.  Can’t go wrong with the OG.


And with 1 vote each we have Key Lime and Salted Carmel! I bet you can guess who choose these flavors. It’s no surprise that BJ would want his favorite pie turned into an ice-cream; so he chose Key Lime. 


Steve on the other hand went with the gold standard of ice-cream flavors, salted caramel. There’s no way adding cheesecake to salted caramel will make it worse.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this poll; I want to try them all!


But what about you?


Which flavor do you want to try the most? ​


- Joey Deez