Joey Deez's Deep Dish Pizza

deep dish pizza BJ


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to the first weekend of June! We’ve made it to another month still in quarantine and although the weather may be nicer, we are still stuck inside (mostly). But just because we have to stay socially distant doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the little things in life.  And by little things, I mean FOOD!


One thing I’ve started doing a lot more of during these past few months is COOKING! It started with a couple of small meals for myself, like chicken teriyaki or mac and cheese, and has exploded into baking deep dish pizza’s in my cast iron skillet!


Just take a look at this beast I made the other day:


deep dish pizza


Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is. And I just ate some of this bad boy.


But I couldn’t keep this whole pizza for myself. I had to share it with the BJ and MIGS crew to see what they thought if my masterful creation!


deep dish pizza BJ


Look at the excitement on BJ’s face! Who wouldn’t be pumped up to start their day off with a homemade slice of Deep Dish Pizza.



We all know Danny was jumping when he saw the pizza!


I was a bit nervous at first to find out what they thought about the pizza, but a couple bites in I could tell, they loved it!


deep dish pizza sliced


This was the last picture I got before it all disappeared!


I’m glad everyone enjoyed the pizza and that my first trial run of a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza cooked in a cast Iron Skillet went well. I can’t wait to make more! But I may have to make my famous mac and cheese first because I’ve gotten several “anonymous” tips that people are dying to try it.


I’m always looking for tasty recipes to cook in my cast iron skillet so if you have one that I have to try, feel free to post it below!


Enjoy the weekend everyone! ​