Inspiring Words From Killswitch Engage


Back in 2000, Killswitch Engage wrote a song called "Vide Infra." I felt the lyrics to this song are pretty fitting for this time and I find it very inspirational. 


Check out the song here and read the full lyrics below. 

"I have opened my eyes to see to see the world the surrounds me dailyI refuse to be led by the majorityCan't compromise I and ITo pass judgmentJudgment will be passed upon youI will stand up for who we areNever moved by condemnationNo one is placed higher than anotherNo matter race or creed or genderWe must teach forgiveness and compassion for all lifeThrough understanding of our differencesWe will find respect for one anotherWe are all flesh and bloodI am not afraid to speak my mindNo matter the consequencesStay true to yourselfThrough the humble eyes of a child we will realize true equalityThey can not take me from me"