[WATCH] Holding the Fort

Photo credit Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

My oh my what a wonderful game! I proudly walked into the office this morning and said with confidence "That's how a Seahawks game should be!". Dominant, calculated, an all out march to victory and I loved it! The only drawback to the game this week.....DK was on my bench for fantasy.....40 points wasted.

OFFENSENot gonna dance around this one, DK is an absolute beast. Like I said, 40 points on fantasy, with some stellar runs and saves. I'd like everyone to remember back to when he was first brought on to the team. "He's a good sprinter, but can he run a route?", the answer is a long resounding yes. On top of an excellent pass game all day, the run game didn't miss Carson or Hyde much at all. Deejay Dallas had one hell of a showing himself, busting in 2 rushing touchdowns to power the offense to victory. An excellent display by all involved!


The side of our team that I was worried about, but they came out in full display lookin good. I think we're still missing Jamal Adams pretty badly, and I'm stoked to get Dunlap on that front line to see what he can bring to this organization, but the defense really handled themselves well this week. I will say this, Bobby Wagner hasn't slowed down at all in his many years in this league. The man is still a terror for offenses league-wide.

Brilliant display by our boys this week, and they're looking better every week! We got another good test in Buffalo against the Bills next week for some 10am goodness. Rumor has it that Jamal Adams will be back in uniform for that one, but we'll have to see how it shakes out. Either way, I'm confident, and enjoying watching Seahawks football each week. We'll see you then 12s! With that......Mike Hawk is OUT!