5 Reasons You Need To Get To Pain In The Grass Early: Video

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Photo credit Travis Shinn

Beers, sunshine, fried food, Rock Girls and hanging out with thousands of your Rockaholic brethren are all 5 fine reasons to head out to Pain in the Grass this week.  What about the bands!?  We're all stoked to see the headliners each night.  One of the best parts of festival shows is getting turned on to great bands you didn't know.  Below are 5 that have been in power rotation in my earbuds.  Get there early and don't miss them!


Gojira - Tuesday at 6:25 


New Years Day - Friday at 4:15


Basement - Friday at 5:15


Fever 333 - Friday at 6:15


Bones UK - Saturday at 4:30