What you were listening to in May of 1980

Mount Saint Helens
Photo credit creativephoto / Getty

Unless you were too young or spent your days in the Spring of '80 some sort of drug and alcohol Induced haze you can remember exactly where you were the day Mount Saint Helens erupted. Do you remember what you were listening to at the time? We do. Here's a look back at what were the biggest rock songs on May 18 1980.

Blondie "Call Me". - Picture This was released in 1978, but "Call Me" didn't go to #1 until the spring of '80.

Pink Floyd "Another Brick in the Wall". - The Wall was brand new! It had just come out in November.  Were you hiding in your parents basement listening on vinyl?

Christopher Cross  "Ride Like the Wind". - Guilty pleasure.  This came out in December. Maybe you got it for Christmas

Gary Numan "Cars". - File under 1 hit wonder. Cars wasn't a hit yet in May of 1980, but it was well on it's way.

Bob Seger "Against the Wind." - Hard to believe this was already Bob Seger's 11th studio album.