Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk with Taryn!

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October is right around the corner, and every year I get involved with Snohomish County's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer through the American Cancer Society. I'm inviting YOU to join me in the fight! This 5k walk in Everett is inspirational, motivating, and truly important to the community! 


We've all been touched by breast cancer in one way or another. A parent, a child, a wife, a sister, a cousin, a friend, a co-worker, maybe yourself. No one is ever alone in their battle, because there are great organizations like the American Cancer Society who are committed to creating a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays. And there are people EVERYWHERE fighting back and making a difference, raising funds and awareness to combat this terrible disease.


I know how busy we are and how quickly our schedules fill up, so I wanted y'all to mark your calendars NOW for this 5k walk that is VERY near and dear to my heart. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Snohomish County is happening Saturday October 26th, and this is my 5th year captaining a team for KISW! The walk takes place at the beautiful SNOHOMISH COUNTY CAMPUS PLAZA, and we have had folks travel several hours to be on our team! I was SO touched by the commitment! We are also allowed to bring dogs, so make sure your pups get the invitation as well. :) You can join the team right here

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If you aren't able to walk with us physically, I encourage you to join the team anyway, and walk a 5k wherever you might be that Saturday. We can Facebook Live or Skype or something :) 


Please spread the word - tell your friends and family, post the team page on Facebook, and shout it from the rooftops! You're also totally welcome to make a donation directly to our team to help our fundraising efforts. Every dollar counts!


The more the merrier. Can't wait to walk with y'all in a month!!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly