Can The Seahawks Solve Their Problems With A Single Draft Pick?

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Photo credit Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!
We're 2 months away from the 2021 Draft and it would appear that the Seahawks are doing a little more moving backward than they are forward. If you've been keeping up, you know the common talking points. Carol says we need to run the ball more, fans and Wilson say we need an O-line, Carol responds by talking to veteran Tight Ends again.
So, instead of going back around the same frustration circle, I tried to noodle out the game plan that Carol is working on and I think I may have found the answer...

We're expected to be aggressive in Free Agency with Tight Ends. That tells me that Carol is looking to shape our offense much like the Niners, Chiefs, Bucs, all of which have dominating Tight Ends such as Kittle, Gronk and Kelce. So, hear me out on this, we draft Penn State junior Tight End Pat Freiermuth.

He's got all the looks of the power Tight End, and you've got to assume that that also comes with the kicker of him being.......a good blocker! We draft a Tight End that can give the O-line a boost, Russell time in the pocket, and can make plays himself. I liked Colby Parkinson last year, you all know I love Will Dissly, but I don't know where Carol sits on them, and this could be the fresh look that he's going for, maybe even having a TE tag team!!!

A man can dream. Knowing this franchise, I'm way off and we're just going to do the same song and dance, oh well. I'm off to go cook up some more wild theories until draft day. I can only hope we have an answer for the nightmare brewing in Arizona (Watt just committed to heading that way, oof), with that....Mike Hawk is OUT!