Hawk Thoughts: Sea Dragons Secure First Home Win Since 2020

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Sea Dragons
Photo credit Mike Hawk

Ayo 12s!
Happy to report that for the first time since 2020, your Seattle Sea Dragons have secured a victory at home! Not only that, they've beaten a team that wasn't the Vipers, and have a beautiful "W2" behind their record.

I was glad to be in the house once again for this one, the crowd is getting bigger and better each time and the roar of the 12s is starting to grow. I need to go back and watch tape on this game from a bird's eye view, but I was impressed with what I saw from the stands. The team came together on both sides of the ball and in all factions. I even had the thought as we went into the locker room at halftime, tied 6-6, "This is our game to win or lose", the only way we lose that game over the weekend is if we beat ourselves. God bless em they came out ready to keep the drive alive and secured the win. With 1 heart stopping interception on what should've been the last drive of the game, the ball control has significantly improved as the weeks go on.

I hope everyone reading this jumps online and gets themselves a ticket for the upcoming contest on Thursday, because it's going to be our toughest yet. The Houston Roughnecks, the only team in the XFL without a loss in its entire history, come to Lumen to wage war on the Sea Dragons. I think we can win. It's going to be the toughest game we play, may even end with a loss the following week because we'll be so gassed, but I think if this team stays vigilant, hungry, and focused, they can pull off the first upset against Houston. They need our help though! Let's fill these stands and show them what playing in Seattle feels like! DOWN WITH BRANDON SILVERS! Yeah, remember when he was a Dragon back in 2020 and didn't do didly squat for us?? Yeah, he's owning the league in Houston right now. Give him the rudest welcome home we can muster! With that...MIKE HAWK IS OUT!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Hawk