Hawk Thoughts: Sea Dragons Take The Win Streak To 4

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Seattle Sea Dragons
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Ayo 12s!
After a nerve-wracking 0-2 start for the Sea Dragons in their 2nd go-around in the XFL, they've worked the bugs out and have clawed their way into a 4-game win streak, and beating the unbeatable Houston Roughnecks in the process as well! Just had to throw that in there give that I was out last week.

This week saw our boys going into Orlando to take on the winless Guardians, who have also been showing improvement as the season continues to march on. Not gonna lie, being behind at the half made me raise my eyebrows, but I was glad to see that the fundamentals of what our boys do prevailed in the long run. We're starting to see the inclusion of a lot of different names out there in the field, noticed my guy Ellison wasn't in this particular game, but the running game was well taken care of. Also down field, I know everybody wants to see Josh Gordon get more targets, but I think he's being used mainly as a decoy for the defensive backfield and taking what he can get as the opportunities arise.

Sitting at a comfortable 4-2 record, tied for 2nd in the North with the Battlehawks, we move into the final 4 weeks of the regular season. The way the playoffs work here isn't unlike the NFL, but there are only 2 wildcard teams in the league that make it in. It's not impossible for the Sea Dragons to clinch the division at this point in the season, but it's incredibly unlikely, DC is the powerhouse of the league this season and they'll be tough to take down, seeing as nobody has done it yet, we'll see if Houston can do it for us tonight! But we're still in a heated battle for our 1 wildcard slot against the Battlehawks. Every. Game. Counts! We're in Arlington against the Renegades on FRIDAY NIGHT! Tune it in and check it out! Let em hear ya 12s! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports