Hawk Thoughts: Sea Dragons Take Their Dramatic First Win

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Josh Gordon makes a big catch to put the Sea Dragons in the lead for their first win
Photo credit Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Ayo 12s!
The time has finally come! Your Seattle Sea Dragons of the XFL have sealed their first win of the season! I've really been enjoying sharing this fun little fact about our boys, at this point in the XFL, Seattle's team has a grand total of 2 wins, both came against the Vipers. The 1st was our first home game back in 2020 when the Vipers were in Tampa Bay, and now on their home turf in Las Vegas over the weekend. So very proud of our boys!

Sad to say I wasn't able to catch the action live as I had business over the weekend, but I was able to avoid most of the spoilers to truly be able to watch the game. I got back and fired up my recording around 10:30 at night and watched with full enthusiasm as this team started looking better than ever. It's a testament of the love that I have for this team that I was clutching a pillow at 12:30 midnight watching that dramatic 4th & 2 pass. My first thought "Why in the heck are we sending it on a 4th and 2, which could very well be our last play of the game?" When that ball landed in the hands of the very capable hands of Josh Gordon, I started screaming like I was there in the stands. That play alone kept me up until 1:30 just buzzing.

On both sides of the ball I'm seeing improvement with each passing week, and it's getting me excited for what the rest of the season holds. This team is building a chemistry and a drive that could turn them into a real threat as the season winds down. We're hosting San Antonio this weekend, and I'll take the words of Thrill on this one "This game will define who we are". Hope to see you in the stands 12s! Mike Hawk is OUT!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports