Sea Dragons Clinch Their Spot In The XFL Playoffs

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Seattle Sea Dragons
Photo credit Mike Hawk

Ayo 12s!
They did it! They freakin did it! Your Seattle Sea Dragons came back from a gloomy 0-2 start of the season to defy everyone that wrote us off early and stormed through the rest of the season to win 7 of those last 8 games and clinch their spot in the 11th hour!

Being at Lumen Field to watch this happen was awesome, they came out looking a little lethargic to start the game off, which caused a bit of nervousness from the fans that have been hearing all about the fact that they needed 34 points to clinch their wildcard spot. But somewhere down the line, it became understood that that was false information, and the biggest thing they needed to focus on was simply holding Vegas to less than 34 points themselves. When that clock ticked out, we heard over the PA that with that victory, the Dragons secured their spot! It was amazing!

So what happens next? We move into the playoffs, where we go into DC to take on the near-perfect DC Defenders for a chance at the Championship. DC has beaten us twice this season, but only with a combined 5 points. They're far from unbeatable, and I guarantee you they did NOT want to see us coming to town next week. Game is Sunday at noon! Let's get back to form and lock this title down!! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Hawk