Sea Dragons Ready To Strike In Home Opener

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Seattle Sea Dragons fell short in the final minutes of the season opener, but look to come back in their first game at home
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Ayo 12s!
The moment has finally returned! The day that this blog once again shifts into a Seattle Sea Dragons blog! We can all lament about the name change, but I've come to learn that there are things that we don't know about the innerworkings of businesses, point is, XFL is back and kicked off this past weekend!

We started the season against the DC Defenders which, if I'm not mistaken, were our first away game back in 2020, and it ended much the same way, the Dragons go home with an L. Despite ending the game with a loss, it was a promising start to the season, and what they have to fix is fairly clear. Ben DiNucci did a fine job as the starting quarterback, only giving the ball away a couple times and being the handler in the game-ending fumble being the drawbacks. Other than that, his stats aren't bad at all throwing 35/54, just under 300 yards a touchdown pass. not bad for a QB that's gotten as limited exposure to his team as he has. Needless to say, I think we've got room to grow and improve, and I think Ben can be the guy that does. Let's see how the season unfolds in that department.

I liked the look of the rest of the offense, our running game is solid and looks to get better with time. Love having Josh Gordon (former Seahawk) out in the field. He's a good set of hands that'll help greatly with forming some chemistry out there. On the other side of the ball, the defense played well, I'd like to see a little more penetration on the defensive line, maybe a little more coverage on the short ball, but the defense performed well. Biggest critique is I wish they would've made some adjustments after the half. They looked like they kept to the same gameplan going into the 2nd half, whereas DC looked like they adjusted.

It was the start to the season that we wanted, other than ending with a loss. I'm certainly not hitting the panic button yet by any means, I'm stoked to see how they improve going forward. If you're going to the game on Thursday, I'll be there cheering along with you. Battlehawks take their first loss this week! Let's GO! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

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