Hawk's Thoughts: Sea Dragons Sink To 0-2 In Freezing Home Opener

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Sea Dragons Fall to 0-2 In The Freezing Home Opener
Photo credit Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Ayo 12s!
Well, not the home opener we were hoping for with our Sea Dragons. Proud to say I was freezing my hide off watching that game to the final whistle. I've got to say, I thought for sure they were going to come away with the win after that score late in the game, but it seems like our boys are going to make a habit out of breaking our hearts in the final moments.

While the issues that I had with "last week's" (4 days ago's) game seem to have been tightened up a bit, they've got a brand new issue rearing its head, ball security. The offense and the defense looked fairly solid throughout the game, but questionable playcalls and poor security were ultimately the undoing in this one. I look forward to how they bolster that up and adjust as we make our way to Vegas this weekend!

All in all, I'm still having a ton of fun watching this team. I'd love to see the 2nd win of the franchise....which includes our record from the 2020 season...but I can see how they're adjusting and getting better. Still have faith in DiNucci, our running backs are getting it done, love the wide receivers. The chemistry is building all the time and I'm ready to see this squad break loose! Taking on the Vegas Vipers to find find out who's taking the current spot of 3rd place in the North, We've beaten the Vipers before, who's to say a new venue gives them any kind of edge?? Cheer loud and breathe fire 12s! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports