The 'Singles' Soundtrack turns 30

KISW celebrates by playing the album in its entirety on June 30th
Seattle Skyline from Gas Works Park
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Arguably one of the best movie soundtracks of all time is celebrating its 30th Anniversary on Thursday, June 30th, and considering Singles was such a huge part of the magic of Seattle's grunge movement, KISW will play the entire album on the big day.

Cameron Crowe's 1992 cult classic is filled with Seattle favorites - just run through the track listing and try not to feel that PNW pride pumping through your veins:

1. "Would?" - Alice in Chains
2. "Breath" - Pearl Jam
3. "Seasons" - Chris Cornell
4. "Dyslexic Heart" - Paul Westerberg
5. "Battle of Evermore" - The Lovemongers (Led Zeppelin cover)
6. "Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns" - Mother Love Bone
7. "Birth Ritual" - Soundgarden
8. "State of Love and Trust" - Pearl Jam
9. "Overblown" - Mudhoney
10. "Waiting for Somebody" - Paul Westerberg
11. "May This Be Love" - Jimi Hendrix
12. "Nearly Lost You" - Screaming Trees
13. "Drown" - Smashing Pumpkins

Tune into Taryn's 12 Pack on The Rock of Seattle on Thursday night at 7:45pm to hear the Singles soundtrack played in its entirety! You can even tell your smart speaker to "play KISW" and listen from home.

And for even more of the Seattle Sound, check out the Audacy Custom Station of the same name, celebrating all things grunge.