Thrill's Blog: Practice Makes Passable

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Thrill on bass
Photo credit Mike Hawk

"Hola bitches,

It's Friday and the new season of 'The Boys' is premiering tonight on Amazon Prime.  Huge fan of the show and have been waiting and waiting for this day.  However, I will NOT be watching it tonight. WHY, you ask.  Ask... I'll wait.

Glad you asked.  I'll be missing tonight's premiere because tonight marks the first of two (three at best) practices that the New Originals will have before our show next Saturday (June 11) at Pour Decisions in Ballard.  It's a cool spot.  Good beer, live music and the occasional dog.  But coolest of all, Pour Decisions will be hosting the band next week... and we don't wanna suck too much.

We're doing 12 songs and six of them we've never played before... not together, anyway.  So tonight is practice number one and I'm looking very forward to it.  I ALWAYS look forward to playing, but this particular show... which I'm SURE you'll be at... is acoustic.  I don't know why or when I started playing acoustically, but here we are.  That said, among the band, the consensus was that we should play songs that already 'lean' acoustic.  A fine idea to be sure, but there is ONE song that Mike Hawk and I fought to include... and it's not particularly acoustic, nor is it even a rock song... but we're gonna do it anyway.  Love it.

Ok, I'm outta here.

Until next time... and who knows how long that'll be... do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"