Thrill's Blog: The Diarrhea Song

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Photo credit Mike Hawk

"Hola Bitcholas,

Been a hot minute since I've blogged, but here I am on a Positive Friday.

Earlier this week we got onto the topic of the 'Diarrhea Song'.  Maybe you know it, maybe you don't.  I was under the assumption that EVERYONE was familiar with this musical  'blast- from- the- past', but I was wrong.  Our very own Mike Hawk... who is admittedly classier than the rest of us on the show... was rather UNfamiliar with the song.  And that was all the motivation we needed to start singing it to him!  It really doesn't take MUCH for me to sing this song.  It's brought me adolescent joy for about 48 years.

For those of you unfamiliar with this sonic gem, it's pretty simple:  each verse begins with the Shakespearian refrain, "DIARRHEA! UH-UH! DIARRHEA! UH-UH!"

Following this powerful chant, well, you get to create any variety of rhymes that explain the trials and tribulations of suffering from the song's namesake.  Here are a few examples of what the listeners shared:
"... it's juicy and it's runny, some people think it's funny... DIARRHEA! UH-UH!"
"... you can tell by the smell you ain't feeling well..."
"... when you're driving in your Chevy and you're feeling something heavy..."
"... when you're sick in the caboose and your pants get full of juice..."
"...when you're swimming in the pool and the water tastes like stool..."
"...when there's a rumble in your belly and your backside's getting smelly..."
"...when there's a rumble in your gut and you're spraying out your butt..."
"...when you have to take a poo and it drips into your shoe..."
"...when your belly's feeling rotten and the liquid touches cotton..."
"...when your gut is full of gas but there's liquid in your ass..."
"...when you have to change your slacks because you're spraying out the back..."
"...when you're sitting with your honey and your ass gets hot and runny..."
"...when your stomach is in pain and you're making chocolate rain..."
"...when you're scared to hop because your butt is making slop..."
"...when you're at a dance and it rains into your pants..."

You get the idea.  The possibilities are endless.

I, along with a bus full of other simple-minded kids, used to sing this song on repeat before and after school EVERY day.  I truly do not know how our bus driver endured.

OK, now that I've shared this profoundly important nugget of musical history, I'm getting my weekend started.

I'm outta here!

Do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"