Florida City Installs Welcome Sign In The Wrong Town

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Photo credit ©Dreamstime

Florida Man has been busy this summer and has picked up a side job in Dania Beach, which is sandwiched between Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida. While this sounds like a positive step for Florida Man rehabilitation, a sign has created an issue.  Recently the city of Dania Beach erected a series of signs welcoming visitors to the city.  The problem is the signs were put up in the wrong city. Clive Taylor, who is the vice president of the Hollywood Historical Society, notified city officials that they installed their city limit sign well within the borders of Hollywood. Making this even more of a Florida story, the new sign replaced an older, smaller sign bearing a similar message in the city of Hollywood, on East Dania Boulevard a few miles before the Dania Beach border begins. The two cities are working to resolve the snafu.


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