Fireworks Are Now Legal On Certain Days In Florida

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Yesterday (7/1/20) more than 100 new laws hit the books in Florida as the Sunshine State began its new fiscal year. Some of the new laws allow advance practice registered nurses (APRN) to practice independently of physicians, new policies to protect high school athletes from heat stroke, and a 3% pay raise for state workers. Probably one of the more popular laws makes fireworks legal on certain days in Florida. The new law designates Independence Day, along with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, in which fireworks can be used without a permit for 24 hours on each day. Previously, people got around the ban by signing waivers stating the exploding pyrotechnics are used to scare animals away from a farm. This will mean that calls to law and code enforcement regarding fireworks on these three days will largely go unanswered unless the fireworks are posting an imminent threat or danger. The exception to this new law is that if your local government or homeowner association ban fireworks, you must adhere to those rules.   Just remember that if you are going to shoot fireworks, understand that if you cause some kind of damage to someone's property with fireworks, you can be held liable civilly and it could be criminal.


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