Make Sure You Get Paid For Working An Extra Hour Sunday Morning

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Today we get the full effect of Sunday’s switch to Standard Time.  Although many slept through the official time change point of 2am, there are those who work late and overnight hours and it makes for a longer night. And if you are an hourly worker, you'll need to check your pay stab to make sure you got paid for an extra hour of work. Come to find out, many payroll computer systems fail to account for that extra hour of work and some payroll managers do not catch it resulting in a shortened pay check. Switching from Daylight Saving to Standard Time is specially mentioned on the Department of Labor's website, referring to an example of an employee who works eight hours, but the 1 to 2am shift twice because of the time change works nine hours, that the employee must be paid for the nine hours. So check your pay stub and account for all your hours worked. If you find that it isn’t accurate, speak to your employer immediately about getting paid for the hour. If you’re still having issues, you can inquire about your particular case directly with the Department of Labor or even report your employer, confidentially.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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