Prepare For The Cold And Flu Season In The Midst Of A Pandemic

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Some good news as reports of positive cases of COVID-19 decline in Florida.  However health officials warn that this news should not signal the end of coronavirus prevention measures as the cold and flu season approaches.  We are no strangers to colds and influenza as they make the rounds every winter, but as you know, COVID-19 will make this year different.  Mainly because the symptoms for colds flu and COVID-19 are nearly identical: fever, coughing and aches. That means even if have a garden-variety cold, it’s definitely possible it’s actually COVID. On the flip side, if you think you might have symptoms of COVID, it may bring you peace of mind to remember that it could just be a cold. What is worrying health officials is that flu patients are sometimes sick enough to need hospital care, which may be enough to overwhelm the health care system once coronavirus adds to the normal influx of flu admissions. The last thing you need, in the middle of a pandemic, is to catch the flu. Even though flu shots aren’t perfect, you should get one, period. They do reduce your overall chances of catching the flu, make it more likely that if you do get the flu, it will be mild and reduce the chances that you’ll pass the flu on to someone more vulnerable. Now more than ever, support your immune system by exercising regularly, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, maintain a healthy weight, don't smoke and limit alcohol consumption. Supplements claim to “boost” your immune system, but those claims are mostly garbage. The best ways to support your immune system are the simple, boring ones. People are least likely to get sick when they’re well-rested, well-fed and not terribly stressed. Make a little time in your schedule, when you can, to get to bed early. Plan out meals that include both protein and vegetables. Manage your stress the best you can, whether that means delegating tasks, taking more time for self-care or recognizing that maybe you’ve been ignoring these signs of anxiety for too long and it’s time to look into therapy.

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