Why You May See Mor Purple Pumpkins This year

Girl painting pumpkin purple
Photo credit © arinahabich / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Everyone is desperate to try and find some way to make trick-or-treating safe for children. While the CDC may have listed trick-or-treating as a “high-risk” Halloween activity, they have not said that children cannot go and collect candy. While purple pumpkins have long been an epilepsy awareness project, this year they are being used to alert trick-or-treaters it is safe to approach. By placing a purple pumpkin outside of your home this Halloween, it means that the house has been practicing all of the health guidelines when it comes to COVID-19, there are no positive COVID-19 cases at your home and that you are being extra cautious in handing out treats, including handing them outside, allowing one child to approach your porch at a time, treats are pre-packaged and handed out to kids and everyone is wearing a face mask (not a Halloween mask as a substitute). A purple pumpkin may not be the perfect solution to the Halloween conundrum, but it is definitely a step to letting your community know that your home is as safe as it could be when it comes to COVID-19

SOURCE: Moms.com

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