Ways To Be Safer If You Go To The Gym During COVID19 Pandemic

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Florida has become a hotbed for COVID-19 and certain locations pose greater risks for becoming infected with coronavirus.  Gymnasiums are behind bars and large music concerts as venues with the highest risk; mainly because of close quarters to others heavily breathing and sweating. While most gyms have implemented 6 foot social distancing rules, capacity limits and deeper cleaning regimes, it is still a gamble.  However many people depend on gymnasiums to keep physically and mentally fit.  If you have decided to return to the gym, there are some steps you can take to minimize your risk.  First, wear a mask.  There are several masks designed to be worn while exercising. Choose a time when the gym is less busy, so you come in contact with as few people as possible. Remember that social distancing 6 feet is a guide and for when people are not breathing heavily, so try and keep as far away from others as possible and skip the group classes for now.  The practice of letting someone else use equipment in between your sets should be suspended. Avoid using communal water fountains. Take you own water and don't fill it back up at a water fountain that expels waters from the bottom up as someone may have made mouth-to-nozzle contact and your water can contain remnants of another person’s saliva. Make sure you sanitize your hands before and after using gym equipment and wipe down the equipment before and after use, with the cleaning materials that will be provided or bring your own. Avoid the locker room and change at your home or office.  After you have completed your workout, change clothes immediately and place the dirty clothes, towels and gym bag in the washing machine immediately. Immediately clean you water bottle, mat, headphone, phone and anything else you brought into the gym too.


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