Planning For Thanksgiving During The Pandemic

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Although we're about to start the Labor Day weekend, nearly a quarter of Americans worry about the holidays during the COVID-19 pandemic. Butterball took a survey in June and found 21% of the adults they surveyed have no idea what they’ll do this Thanksgiving, with a quarter expecting their holiday table to include fewer people this year. There are a lot of unknowns around the holiday season, including if things will be better or worse in the last months of 2020. But as we have learned this year, planning for the unexpected can give you peace of mind. So as you think about the Thanksgiving menu, know the infection rates for the communities your guests live in.  The numbers vary from county to county and state to state. If rates are climbing rapidly and the positivity rate is high for the areas your guest reside or in the area you live, you may want to consider a virtual dinner or possibly postponing to a “springsgiving,” especially when involving the elderly and immunocompromised guests. Alachua County is proposing a permit for hosting a gathering with more than 10 people and depending on how things are in 83 days, there may be limit of the number of people who can gather. You’ll reduce risk by limiting the number of households in attendance, or consider inviting only family members who are local. Ask everyone to take proper precautions for at least two weeks before Thanksgiving. This strategy would help prevent someone from picking up the virus and bringing it to the celebration, which would be especially important if anyone who is at high risk really wants to attend. And remember to practice good hygiene with frequent hand washing, open windows for better ventilation and request that face masks stay on when food and drink aren’t being consumed.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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