Rekindle That "Ghosting" Relationship With This Website

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Sometimes people come into our lives at the wrong times and we realize too late that they were actually pretty great. Tinder has rustled up a tool called Ghosting Graveyard that might provide some assistance in sliding into the DMs of someone you once ghosted. In the dating world, "Ghosting" basically means you stop having any form of contact with the person you were with, talking to, or even living with, without any notice. But if you abruptly ended a relationship foolishly, Tinder's Ghosting Graveyard feature will give you a chance to resurrect your relationship. Go to and type in your first name and that of the person you ghosted. Next, select a reason for getting back in touch, such as apologizing for ghosting them, to spark up a friendship or to rekindle that spark. Once you've done that, you'll get a personalized ice-breaker that you can copy and send to your former flame, such as "Our conversation reminds me of Game of Thrones — it deserves a better ending," and "We were just like Ross and Rachel — on a break."

SOURCE: Mashable

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