How Often You Should Wash Sweaters

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Soon. Very soon. We will be able to bring out our favorite sweaters and wear them when the weather cools down. While doing laundry in the summer is pretty straight forward (wear once and toss in the dirty clothes), fall and winter laundry is a little more complex.  It is foolish to wash your chunky sweater after every wear, so how often should they be laundered? According to a laundry experts, you should wash your sweaters after three or four wears for thick sweaters, and every wear for thin sweaters. The general rule is that if a top touches your skin directly, it should get cleaned between each use. This may seem surprisingly often, but you might not realize just how much stuff your skin emits in a day. Apparently we produce 10 grams of skin flakes, 40 grams of oil, and 1 liter of sweat on average per day. As for how to wash your sweaters, it varies by fabric. Most are actually fine to throw in the washing machine, and your safest bet is a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. For certain wools or other tricky materials, stick to hand washing.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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