Recycling Political Yard Signs

political yard signs
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The election is (mostly) over, and it’s time to take down those campaign yard signs. While you definitely shouldn’t toss a stack of signs straight in the trash, you also can’t simply dump them in your recycling bin and consider it done. Here’s how to minimize the likelihood that your lawn signs end up in a landfill. You can definitely recycle your yard signs if they are made of paper or cardboard. Plastic signs can be recycled too but you might want to call ahead to see if your recycling program accept the type of plastic it is made from. The thin, flexible signs are most likely #2 or #4 plastics, while most stiff corrugated plastic signs are plastic #5.  You’ll need to break your signs down, and you may have to drop off the plastic sign and the separated metal stand at a local facility. You can also re-purpose them. The stiff corrugated signs can be coated with chalkboard paint and used for fun messages, birthday greetings or even virtual school chalkboards. Repurpose the metal stands as garden stakes. Whatever you do, political yard signs must be removed within 7 days after a campaign ends in Alachua County and within two weeks in Marion County.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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