Niall Horan has a playlist for any mood to help manage mental health

'Music has always been a big one'
Niall Horan
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During a recent chat with Audacy, Niall Horan shared a few tools he uses to help maintain his mental health.

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“I try and stay active, I think that’s a big one for me. If I’m in any way down… I’ll always like do a Peloton, go to the gym in some shape or form. Golf is another one for me, I like to get out and that walk is good.”

In addition to staying active, Niall also shared, “music has always been a big one,” when it comes to tools that help him cope. “Music for different moods, depending on what mood you’re in,” Niall revealed he’s “got playlists for it.”

Another tool Niall uses is “white noise, green noise and pink noise…” which he listens to “right before I go to sleep.” Noting “I’ve always been quite a calm person,” though we obviously we "all have our moments.”

WATCH NOW: Niall Horan on maintaining his mental health


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