With help of donations, Cinnaminson caterer feeds frontline workers

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  A Cinnaminson caterer is feeding frontline workers with her gourmet meals, but she didn’t expect to be doing this when she opened a new business.

"Through everything we're going through, the people really are gracious. They do appreciate everything and you can make them smile,” said caterer Cathy Gunn.

Gunn opened her Riverton, New Jersey business 28 years ago. Last fall, she decided to branch out, opening Cathy's Carryout Cuisine in Moorestown in October. 

"And then COVID hit. All my catering shut down, so I did curbside pick-up and then I started the GoFundMe. I just wanted to help,” she said.

Raising more than $1,400 and adding some of her own money, she's making meals for frontline workers at nursing homes, police departments and hospitals like Cooper, Jefferson, and the University of Pennsylvania. 

Calling it "Feed the frontline," she's fed more than 500 people, with an added bonus of home delivery to Penn ER nurse Beth Ann Starkey’s home.

“I could not have made this any better in my own kitchen. I felt like I was treated to a gourmet meal. It was amazing,” Starkey said. 

Gunn said those amazing meals will continue for a while.

“I don't want us to forget about them just because everything is back to normal,” she added.