Shawn Mendes shows off quarantine hair and details Miami moments with Camila Cabello

'It's been really nice'
Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello
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Shawn Mendes has found the “silver lining” of this whole quarantine thing. While seeing major success with his first three studio albums, each sitting atop the Billboard 200 chart at noumber 1, Mendes is also anticipating triumph and accolades with the release of his fourth, Wonder, which is due out this December. Plus, his at-home life with his multi-talented, pop star girlfriend, Camila Cabello seems to be going perfectly.

Shawn recently took the stage during The Tonight Show, where he gave viewers a live look into the tracks from his upcoming album, plus he filled Jimmy Fallon in on how he’s been thriving while spending all this time at home.

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Mendes put all his passion and energy behind his performance of the title track off of Wonder. The singer performed the song with a full live band and served us hints of gospel-influenced pop that proved that Shawn certainly has not lost his ways even with this year’s lack of live shows.

The Canada native has been living in Miami with Camila, at her house throughout the year. He’s relaxed, his hair “is the longest it’s ever been” and the pop star is finally having a taste of home life after telling Fallon, “I’ve basically been living in a hotel room since I was 15. It’s been really nice.” Aside from having downtime at home, Mendes has used this time to become quite reflective. During the interview, he shares, “I had a real moment to find some stillness and just be quiet with myself and also find some confidence with my work that I was doing.” He also adds that Wonder has come from a “place of freedom.”

The last time we checked in with Shawn, he told RADIO.COM's Julia, “I think I’ve mainly evolved as a person and that’s kind of reflecting in the music.”

Finally, during his time on The Tonight Show, the singer gives us details about the companion documentary that takes us through his journey while creating his most recent album. Shawn Mendes: In Wonder, which will debut on Netflix on November 23 is highly candid. "It’s raw, it’s definitely raw,” reveals Mendes. The film is a "vulnerable portrait of what it's like to be me," explains Shawn.

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