Laremy Tunsil excited about his new deal, quick turnaround for Texans


(SportsRadio 610) - As the Texans continue to navigate further away from some of the most forgettable and regrettable seasons in franchise history, the focus has shifted to the future and the Texans have made certain that Pro-Bowl left tackle Laremy Tunsil will be a major part of that.

Tunsil just signed a new three-year, $75 million contract extension making him the highest paid left tackle in NFL history. It includes $50 million fully guaranteed.

Texans general manager Nick Caserio joined Payne and Pendergast earlier this week, and discussed the impression Tunsil has made on him and the team during his time in Houston.

“He cares about his craft, he’s diligent about it and then he goes out and performs,” Caserio said. “So, ultimately, leadership is about who the person is and what they do and how they lead, but a lot of times it’s more about action than it is about words.”

Don’t let his laid back and cavalier demeanor fool you.

Tunsil is motivated. He’s always been motivated.

Lately, one of the biggest motivators for Tunsil has been a tweet that he’s since pinned to his Twitter account that reads, “very good starter. Ok.”

The great ones always have a motivating factor, a particular tweet in which he can’t even recall the composer, is Tunsil’s.

He has his own unique way of doing things and so far it’s worked, to the tune of landing a second consecutive contract with the Texans while negotiating the deal himself.

Becoming the highest paid left tackle in NFL history for the second time in his career was important to him.

“I always wanted to be a CEO of my business team, I always wanted to be the guy that leads his team,” Tunsil said. “I wanted to do something that’s never been done before. Making history for the second time in a row. You know, nobody has ever done that besides me, so I always wanted to be like the leader to start something new and that’s what I did.”

Still more than a month out of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Texans currently own 12 selections and Tunsil is looking forward to the rookies being a part of an impressive free agent class the Texans have assembled this offseason.

“First and foremost, the free agents that Nick signed, he’s cooking right now. He’s really cooking,” Tunsil said. “He’s got some great players coming into the locker room to also contribute to the team and help them win.”

Without knowing exactly who’s going to be taking snaps under center this upcoming season among many other questions, Tunsil thinks the Texans are primed to turn things around quicker than most people anticipate.

"The sky is the limit for us,” Tunsil said. “Like, we can really get this organization back on track and get rolling."

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