Is Alabama's title loss a sign of the end of Saban's dynasty? 'Hell no,' Bobby Hebert says


Alabama lost a game, and even that statement is news alone.

The fact that it came in the College Football Playoff title game to the same Georgia team it had just defeated in the SEC Championship a few weeks earlier makes it a bit louder.

But did an Alabama team that looked overmatched against one of the best defenses of all time offer a sign that Nick Saban's college football dynasty might finally be showing cracks? That's the idea a caller floated in the direction of WWL Radio's Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert on SportsTalk this week.

Hebert kept it simple: "Hell no."

Listen to Hebert's full comments in the video atop this page, or the player above. Can't see the embed? click here.

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The caller pointed to Jameson Williams, who starred for the Crimson Tide this season after transferring from Ohio State. Williams suffered an ACL tear in the loss to Georgia, and Alabama's offense struggled mightily without him, ending the game with an interception on a potential game-tying drive.

But the transfer portal is here to stay, and Alabama will continue to load up when they can. That reason alone is a good indicator that the needle isn't pointing down over in Tuscaloosa.

“Alabama will not be Clemson. They will not be Clemson. And Ohio State’s got competition in the Big Ten and all that. I would not put Alabama in that category. Are you going to bet … that Alabama can not be in the top 4 the next couple of seasons? I would say no, but hell no. Now, I don’t know if they’re going to win anything, but they’ll be in the hunt. Don’t you want to be, as a university, in the hunt? Whoever you support. Georgia, Clemson, LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, whoever it might be, don’t you want to be in the hunt? USC, Texas, man, they wish they were in the hunt. Are you kidding me? They want to be relevant."