Target Launches Halloween Costumes for Kids with Disabilities


(WBBM) -- We have seen pictures out there of some hero parents who go out of their way to create Halloween costumes for their children with disabilities; but now a big-name store is making things easier and launching a selection of Halloween costumes adapted for kids with disabilities.

Target's Hyde and Eek! Boutique unveiled four new Halloween costumes adapted for kids with disabilities - two adapted for wheelchair users and two for children with sensory processing difficulties.

The company said they hope to help make more children take part in the holiday fun.

The pirate ship and princess carriage are designed specifically for wheelchair users.
Photo credit Target

Of the wheelchair designs, one allows kids to transform their wheelchair into a pirate ship, complete with a Jolly Roger flag and with waves for wheels. The other turns it into a luxurious purple princess carriage. Both wheelchair covers use "hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit," and can fit on a variety of chair sizes, according to the Target website.

The actual pirate and princess costumes are sold separately. They are specifically designed for ease of dressing for wheelchair users, with openings in the back and wide pant legs.

"Based on the response to our Cat & Jack adaptive apparel and Pillowfort sensory-friendly home items, we know that design details can have a huge impact," a Target spokesperson told CBS News on Thursday. "We're now bringing that spirit of inclusivity to our new Hyde and Eek! Boutique kids' adaptive Halloween costumes, which we hope will bring more ease and joy to our guests' everyday lives." 

The plush shark and unicorn costumes are designed for kids with sensory sensitivities.
Photo credit Target

The two new costumes for those with sensory issues include a shark and a unicorn that have "flat seams and no tags for an ultra-comfy feel," according to the website. They also feature detachable sections and hidden openings, designed to be less irritating for children with sensory sensitivities.

The designs are part of a larger range designed for kids with disabilities. The costumes are currently available for pre-order on Target's website.