Haskins' agent calls out unfair 'narrative coming out of D.C.'


Dwayne Haskins’ agent took to Twitter on Sunday to defend his client against what he sees as an unfair narrative.

To set the stage: NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported before Washington’s 31-17 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday that if Haskins’ recent struggles continued he could be benched.

Rapoport wrote, “there is a chance if it goes particularly badly today, Haskins could be pulled at some point in favor of Kyle Allen.”

And while Haskins played one of his better games of the season and it was never a doubt he wouldn’t finish the game at quarterback, he wasn’t spectacular either as Washington’s offense struggled to score points.

A few hours after the game, Haskins’ agent, David Mulugheta of Athletes First, responded to Rapoport’s report on Twitter writing, “Amazing this is the narrative coming out of DC.”

“A young QB (10 starts total over 2 seasons) who is in a brand new system, with no off-season in said new system, a young OL, limited weapons on offense and only 3 games into the NFL season. Yet ‘he’ is the one that must play well,” Mulugheta wrote.

While we may never know how close Haskins was to being pulled Sunday, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility we may soon find out. As the only person who’s opinion matters on this, Washington head coach Ron Rivera, said this week "There is a cut-off point for me” when it comes to pulling his quarterback.

After Sunday’s loss, Rivera offered some praise and some criticism for Haskins.

“Well, I thought Dwayne had his moments,” Rivera told the media Sunday.

After Haskins failed to get the ball into the end zone on a fourth-and-goal situation in the 4th quarter, Rivera said criticized his situational awareness.

"The ball's gotta go into the end zone or it's be put into a position where it can get into the end zone," Rivera said after the game. “This is something that he's gotta learn. If he's gonna be a starter in this league and contribute to winning football games, he has to understand and develop. This is part of it. This is part of the growth.”

In the end, Rivera has given every indication he will be patient with the young quarterback and not make a hasty decision to bench the No. 15 overall pick from a year ago.

"There are some things, again, we're still working through. He's still developing, he's still learning,” Rivera said Sunday.