Shane Beamer on Draft Kings' futures odds of South Carolina: Gamecocks 'fueled by disrespect'


Take a minute and envision South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer at work pondering how to handle a slight against the Gamecocks in the media, something commonly known as "bulletin board material." Beamer has a spot for that, but he doesn't use it often. He shared his thoughts on Atlanta SportsRadio 92.9 the Game Tuesday with Dukes & Bell.

"There have certainly been some things that I've seen on television or read that I have saved and put into my computer in my office to be able to bring up that particular week when we play that particular team," Beamer said.

[timestamp 9:03 👇] beamer's answer to SC being +24 vs uga

How did the topic come up? Dukes & Bell asked Beamer if he had seen the futures line for the 2023 South Carolina-Georgia game. The Gamecocks coach paused, and then very matter of factly said "yes."

"We talk all the time about we don't care what people think and we're not worried about what people outside this facility think of us," said the SC coach. "I can't really say that and then every time somebody says something negative about us I show them that. I'd be a hypocrite in a lot of ways."

But the notion that Draft Kings believes South Carolina to be a 24-point underdog to Georgia was one of the times where Beamer needed to file that bit of information away.

"Our guys are fueled by disrespect," Beamer said. "I think you've got to pick your spots."

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