ACC Switches to New Football Schedule Model

ACC teams will now play three annual opponents, and rotate other ten home and away.
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New league scheduling model with permanent rivals... Photo credit Courtesy of

Late Tuesday morning, the Atlantic Coast Conference announced a new football scheduling model to begin in the 2023 season.

The new model will see every ACC team partnered with three permanent opponents they will play every year, rotating home and away games. Five other opponents will be played in consecutive years, alternating home and away games. After those two years, the five will be replaced by the remaining five teams, and once again, alternate home and away games.

Under this model, all 14 ACC teams will play the other 13 both home and away over the course of a four year period, and the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions will be eliminated. All programs will play within one division, and the teams with the highest conference winning percentage will play in the ACC Championship game in Charlotte.

Included in the announcement were the permanent rivalry pairings of every ACC school, including Clemson, who will play Florida State, North Carolina State, and Georgia Tech every year.