BREAKING: Former Clemson QB suspended 11 games

Deshaun Watson will also pay a fine of $5M that will be donated to charity.
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Deshaun Watson throws a pass during a pregame warmup. Photo credit Getty Images

On Thursday afternoon, ESPN reported that former Clemson Tiger quarterback Deshaun Watson reached a settlement with the National Football League on a punishment for his violations of the League's Player Conduct Policy.

In a tweet issued by ESPN's Adam Schefter, it was reported that Watson will be suspend for eleven games, nearly double the six game suspension that was initially handed down in the first phase of the process - a suspension that was appealed by the NFL.

After the appeal was announced by Goodell, the NFL took over the process. However, instead of issuing the judgement himself, Roger Goodell appointed former New Jersey Attorney General Peter C. Harvey. Harvey was given the right to issue to final and binding punishment, but reportedly elected to hold his decision while the NFL and Watson's camps attempted to reach a settlement regarding the punishment.

While there was no timeline put in place for Harvey's final decision, the Cleveland Browns elected to play Watson in their first pregame game at Jacksonville last weekend, a move thought to be intended to put pressure on the NFL to reach a final conclusion - and decide if the NFL Players' Association would file litigation regarding that decision.

Alongside the eleven game suspension, Watson will also pay a fine of five million dollars, which will be donated to charity by the league.

The first team Deshaun Watson will be eligible to face upon his return?

The Houston Texans.