Cardi B Buys $80,000 Diamonds for Her 10-Month-Old Daughter

While there are undoubtedly many perks to being Cardi B’s daughter, one perk rings clear after this weekend when Cardi B dropped $80,000 on diamonds for baby daughter, Kulture. 

Kulture, who turns one on July 10th, made a brief appearance on Cardi B’s Instagram in a now-deleted post. 

The snippet, originally posted on Monday, showed the “Bodak Yellow” rapper flaunting her shopping spree and even panned over to little Kulture’s wrist where a brand new, diamond bracelet sits. 

According to the Daily Mail, the video begins with Cardi saying, “Just spent a bag on my daughter.” She goes on to say, “If I’m iced out, my daughter gotta be too.”

Cardi also included a screenshot of some texts from her jeweler, saying the various bracelets and diamond earrings she ordered were ready for pick up, complete with a photo of the whole lineup. “Send ur guy at 3,” the text reads. 

Monday also marked the announcement of her new single, “Press,” which is slated to drop on Friday, May 31st. 

The shopping spree and “Press” news comes after revealing that she would be laying low for a few days. On Friday, Cardi B sat out a scheduled performance, openly admitting she needed more time to heal from a round of plastic surgery, according to People.