Tuukka Rask on GHS downplays reports he’s thinking about retiring from Bruins


One Bruins player who has managed to stay in the news while the NHL has been shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic is goalie Tuukka Rask.

A couple weeks ago a Boston Globe report suggested the netminder was considering retiring after his contract expires in 2021. Rask joined The Greg Hill Show on Tuesday as part of Tom Brady Week and he downplayed the idea that he looking to get out of hockey at 34. Instead he’s looking forward to negotiating with general manager Don Sweeney this summer.

“I remember this interview, if you can even call it an interview.  This reporter asked me some questions right after practice when I was packing my bag and all I said was ‘my contract’s up so every option is on the table.’ I haven’t made any decision in any direction yet,” Rask said. “Obviously we’re not even playing hockey right now, so that’ll be in the future. But it’s definitely not in my mind right now. Just trying to take care of the family as of now and go back to hockey whenever that happens and then go from there.

“I’m sure we’re going to have good conversations with Sweens after this season and go from there. But I’m only 34 (when the contract expires), so it’s not too old, so I might play another year or two and then go from there. But I don’t want to promise anything either way because you never know what’s going to happen.”

Rask, who was second in the NHL in save percentage (.929) at the time of the shutdown, said he’s been staying in shape by working out in his basement. He’s also trying to maintain strong eating habits, although he said he usually has a “tough time gaining weight.”

He wasn’t optimistic that there would be a conclusion to the 2019-20 season.

“I can’t say anything about what they should do or shouldn’t do,” Rask said. “But if they cancelled the Olympics, I just can’t see any way of playing in July and August. But you know it’s not up to me and I just play whenever they tell us to show up. That’s the reality of it. And obviously the league’s losing and the players are losing so much money when we’re not playing that if we cancel the season that’s going to leave a mark for the coming year, so I’m sure they’re going to do anything they could to squeeze the games in. If it’s only the playoffs, then that’s what it is and go from there.

“Personal opinion, it’s going to be tough to start playing hockey in July and August. The ice conditions might be pretty bad and what not.”

Rask was also in the news this week after captain Zdeno Chara revealed the goalie is the player he’d least like to be quarantined with. Chara’s reasoning had to do with flatulence, and Rask didn’t deny that might be a problem.

“I think it’s left a mark on him because he’s been sitting behind me on the bus for whatever, 10, 12 years now,” Rask said. “Occasionally I might eat a bad meal or something and I’m passing gas on the bus. So I think that has left a mark on him.”

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