Friday's Mashup: Norv Turner says Newton a fit in New England

Happy Friday! So much live sports to enjoy suddenly...yet summer days fleeting. Do we watch? Do we beach? Do we grill 'n chill 'n listen? Almost can't handle the choices!

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Celtics "at" Raptors, 9 p.m. - TNT/NBC Sports Boston

If you're looking for the big test for the C's in the eight-game playoff seeding then this is it, against the #2 seed in the conference and defending World Champs.


Cam Newton's former OC in Carolina, one of three to be precise, the highly regarded Norv Turner, joined SiriusXM's NFL Radio Thursday to explain what New England was getting in Cam Newton, and why he thought Newton would be a success with the Patriots. Turner, who had success calling plays with the Cowboys, Vikings and Panthers, among many, unlocked a more precise Newton in 2018, leading him to his best comp % of his career before a Week 9 injury derailed Cam's season.

Former Panthers OC Norv Turner tells us what the @Patriots are getting in Cam Newton and says the former MVP should fit well in New England's offense...#GoPatsLISTEN ⤵️

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Interesting and exciting for Pats fans to hear that kind of endorsement from someone who was with Newton recently on a daily basis. And while we're about your daily required Cam Newton at practice pic, this time wearing his visor in a unique way. Style magnates dress to a different drum.

Cam Newton

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The town of Foxborough, MA officially gave the greenlight to the Patriots plan of 20% capacity for football games in the 2020 season. Now it's just a matter of the Patriots getting state approval. And while there are no guarantees this is the next step in the right direction for football happening this fall.

Also in Pats news action...The Athletic ranked all 32 NFL defenses (with the Patriots taking 9th place, a tad lower than expected). Hello, bulletin board.

And Jeff P. Howe wrote a good piece on Cam Newton's previous efforts to rebuild himself, and how those experiences should help prepare him for the Pats this season.

And Isaiah Wynn detailed his football journey in a mini-documentary he posted to IG.


This pic of Gronk practicing and flexing struck us as...odd. In large part initially for his choice of apparel.

Gronk train. Gronk flex. --

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Not sure we'd seen anyone practice or train with that before. And upon putting the Q out there as to what that sports bra/halter top was I was informed duly it's for recording biometrics, speed, movement, distance and more. Which is very cool. But an odd looking sort of FitBit at first glance, for sure.

It is a GPS, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer. Records/measures total distance, top speed, power plays, sprint distance, load, intensity and heat maps. Nobody can hide.

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Easily the best merchandising miscue of the year. Wonder if they'll be selling any Von Mille or Dre Lock jerseys this fall? These hats will so be collector's items.

From NFL Shop and the Broncos online team shop. Who are the “Denver Boncos”? (H/T to @Broncos_Reddit)

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Super NSFW Alert! That said, this football parody of the "What's your name?" dog meme that's made the rounds this week is NFL fan gold. And pain for Cowboys fans.

How Dak Prescott really became the Cowboys starting QB. #TonyAndEzekiel

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It doesn't matter when this photo was taken. What matters is Stone Cold wore a custom Pats jersey...and that's the bottom line!

Not sure if it’s possible to be cooler than Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Pats royal blue jersey

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