Monday's Mashup: Trevor Lawrence wants to play

Happy Monday. We missed the NFL Hal of Fame ceremonies and speeches as much as you did this weekend. And we're looking forward to the double ceremonies next summer, including likely inductee Peyton Manning's speech. Heck of a class they could welcome next summer.

First-year eligible players for 2021 Hall of Fame: Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson and Jared Allen.

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) February 2, 2020

But we're turning the page, on to the sports we have at hand. And to get ready for restart playoffs that count for the Celtics and Bruins this week, plus the premiere of "Hard Knocks" on HBO Tuesday night it's time to grab a g-dang snack and get rolling!

note the casual entry and hurried exitthis is an experienced seagull shoplifter

— btw there's still a pandemic -- (@ziyatong) August 8, 2020


Red Sox vs Rays - 7:30 p.m., NESN

Whether you care to watch or tune in to the iconic sound of summer that is Joe Castiglione on The WEEI Sports Radio Network, this is your live Boston sports option tonight. BYO hot dogs and beverages.


College football seems to be in the balance for the fall of 2020. First, Saturday morning, the MAC announced they would not be playing this fall. Then came this news...

Power 5 source to @Stadium: “College football season is done. I don’t think everyone immediately follows MAC, but it gives other league presidents 1 more reason to make an easier decision. Biggest thing is unknown long-term impact of COVID & liability issues involved"

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) August 8, 2020

The impact of The Power 5 conferences not playing this fall, and possibly deferring to the Spring of 2021 can't be overstated. Lost revenue, altering the broadcast landscape, affecting the 2021 NFL Draft and overall landscape, not to mention the toll on thousands of student-athlete lives, and the people whose business relies on CFB. Locally we know UMass will not be playing this fall, while BC seems so, so long as the ACC proceeds as scheduled. And the most prominent player in the ACC, and all of college football, Trevor Lawrence, chimed in with his feelings this weekend.

I don’t know about y’all, but we want to play.

— Trevor Lawrence (@Trevorlawrencee) August 8, 2020

The presumptive first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft wants to play this fall. But with just a few weeks to go before the altered schedule is set to kick off so many questions linger. Do most CFB players share his sentiment? There's enough tape on Lawrence that if CFB didn't play he'd likely still be the first overall 2021 draft pick, yet he's ready to roll, despite issues and risks aplenty from COVID-19. Will the wishes of players and impactful as Lawrence sway the conference chairs' votes? This situation bears monitoring closely over the next few days, be you BC fan, Michigan alum or just plain football fan (raises hand).


With college football's 2020 season in the balance our friends over at Pro Football Talk floated an idea Sunday morning that is almost too absurd to even consider. but desperate times call for desperate measures, or at least wild ideas that involve bubble sports and box office superstars. Would you watch? I would.

Idea: @TheRock should immediately create an eight-team one-city bubble for XFL fall 2020 and welcome top college talent for Saturday games. They’d get to play, and they’d get paid.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) August 9, 2020


Saturday Ken Laird and I were joined by NFL Insider and Miami Herald columnist Armondo Salguero to discuss the AFC East, the Miami Dolphins progress, Cam Newton's impact and Tom Brady's future in Tampa. Armondo, like many, believes that the Bills are the favorite to take the division, but a healthy Cam Newton returning to form could change the entire landscape. Listen below - Salguero interview begins right at 47:00 in.


Your regular reminder to not try anything fancy with your wedding proposal. Especially at sea. BTW - variations of this video popped up with different jabs aimed at different NFL QBs, but we'll always be here for Trubisky jokes considering the Bears passed up on DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes for him.

When you ask Mitch Trubisky to help you with your proposal...

— NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes) August 8, 2020


Someone send a Carvel cake to Jarrett Stidham, who turned 24 years old Saturday. And we're just as curious as to what his future in Foxboro holds as you are.

Jarrett Stidham turns 24 YOWhere he is on the depth chart is up to

— Boston Sports Info (@bostonsportsinf) August 8, 2020