Wednesday's Mashup: Fauria says Rodgers next Pats QB

Happy Wednesday! No more tropical storms or tornado warnings, just social distancing and live sports. You know, our new-new normal (drink!) Who wants some?

Little Bruce Lee. Get some...

— Rex Chapman---- (@RexChapman) August 4, 2020


Tampa Bay Lightning "at" Boston Bruins, 4 p.m. - NESN

Coach Bruce Cassidy said the Beez will use this round-robin seeding tournament as an exhibition to tune the team up for the games that count. Will the Bruins be any sharper than their previous two restart efforts?


Our guy Christian Fauria loves to get scoops and be first to the story. He's more than a good guy, Super Bowl champ and radio pro. He's a true insider, breaking stories in hockey (well...) and football (TB12 to TB) on the regular. And his latest take, which seems more opinion based than factual, is every bit as exciting as it is insane.

"Can we say this? Aaron Rodgers -- the next #Patriots QB"--@christianfauria

— OMF (@OMFonWEEI) August 4, 2020

It may sound crazy, like most of what the big fella says, but he's not the first to float this football theory. In 2018 Ian O'Connor (famous for believing Belichick would be a bust in New England) floated the idea of how great a Belichick / Rodgers partnership would be. And while Packers coach Matt LaFleur said this week he could see Rodgers in Green Bay for many years to come, the truth is the Pack has 2020 1st rounder Jordan Love waiting in the wings. And being a 1st rounder behind a Packers legend is a scenario Rodgers knows all too well, from 2004-2008 to be exact. Should the Pack let Rodgers and his hefty salary walk next season, and Cam goes elsewhere, wouldn't Belichick, armed with a hefty amount of 2021 slaary cap space, be intrigued at least to see what he could do with one of the more talented QBs in recent history? It's good hot take food for football thought. Also, please find a way to play this season. Had to sneak that in there for us.


Our pick for Comeback/Breakout Patriots Player, 2020, Mohamed Sanu, looks better by the day. now that his stint on the 2020 PUP list for the Patriots lasted as long as a flight from Boston to Melbourne.

Mohamed Sanu is off Patriots' PUP list

— Ryan Hannable (@RyanHannable) August 4, 2020


Wanna see what Cam Newton looks like practicing, or at least stretching out, as a member of the Patriots? Because it happened. Still kinda surreal, isn't it?

For those wanting to see Cam Newton in Patriots sweats, do I have a treat for you

— Mark Daniels (@MarkDanielsPJ) August 4, 2020


This latest agility drill Belichick is having Pats players go through to pass the conditioning test is nuts!

This kid is going places... probably to the sink to wash dishes first but later somewhere great! --

— Madeyousmile (@Thund3rB0lt) August 2, 2020


The Rocketman, Roger Clemens, who turns 58 years young today. Sure, there will always be controversy surrounding his career, and some awkwardness about his departure and subsequent Blue Jays and Yankees tenures. But the fact remains he was our hope, hype and hero for a long time in the '80s, and few delivered like Rocket Roger. And if you're old enough you totally remember where you were when this happened...