Marcus Morris backs Kyrie Irving's explanation of his last year in Boston


At Nets Media Day, Kyrie Irving explained what went wrong in Boston last year and why he left for Brooklyn. The passing of his grandfather was on his mind most and carried over to basketball.

Irving also expressed that he failed the Celtics. Fellow ex-Celtic Marcus Morris wouldn’t characterize it that way.

“The word ‘fail,’ I wouldn’t say,’’ Morris said told reporters in New York, leading up to the Knicks-Nets Friday night matchup. “I don’t want to say ‘fail,’ I just think mentally he had some other stuff going on and it was hard for him to separate that from the workplace. And that’s difficult sometimes. But I do think he tried his hardest.’’

With Irving being a leader on last year’s team, good or bad, his issues off the floor had an impact on the Celtics. Morris thinks Irving lost sight of that.

“He just forgot how big of a leader he was,’’ Morris said. “I think he sometimes forgot that. As a leader, outside stuff can affect our team. And I think that did. Not like outside distractions but like family stuff he had going on.’’