Fauria: College football '100 percent going to have games'


While a recent Sports Illustrated article interviewing commissioners from some of the largest and most powerful conferences in college football suggested "everything is on the table" regarding playing a season this year, Christian Fauria was far more definitive when appearing on The Greg Hill Show Thursday morning.

"I’ve been talking in constant contact with these athletic directors from these universities. They are 100 percent going to have games," said the OMF co-host. "If they can do it at a university I would like to assume that Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA could figure out a way to do it and not being careless or reckless. Be smart about it. You can do it. I’m so tired of people giving reasons why we can’t do it. Give me reasons why we can do it. I’m sick of it. It’s like, ‘Woe as me, we can never do it.’ Well, look at your attitude. It’s a crap-ass attitude. Get a different emotion other than woe as me. I’m losing patience with it." 

Fauria, whose son Caleb is slated to play next season at the University of Colorado, did note that exactly how the plan gets executed and if fans are involved remain to be seen.

"That’s to be determined," he said regarding the participation of fans in the stands. "There is going to be football. How they determine who goes into the stadium is still a work in progress. That is the goal. Because if they are on campus they will be able to allow some of them into the stadium. I’m not sure it’s going to be full capacity.

"The other thing is that the schools need football to run their program, to finance all their other programs. Their volleyball teams. Their baseball teams. Their basketball teams. Without football and the money that generates, they can’t support the other programs. They can’t hold games. So their budget is predicated on the money from the TV rights, the home games generate. That’s just a fact."

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