George Kittle on OMF: I've never been around a leader like Jimmy Garoppolo


On a previous episode of OMF, George Kittle had received about as high praise a tight end could garner.

"To me, the best tight end in the game right now is George Kittle, without question," former Giants tight end Mark Bavaro said when appearing with Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria.

Now it was Kittle's turn to pay it forward.

The 49ers star served as the show's mystery guest Thursday, coming on OMF to offer perspective on his life as the NFC champs. Most notable Kittle's comments, however, was the praise he heaped on former Patriots and current San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

"I’ll tell you this: His first start he had for us my rookie year, he said something on the sideline and I saw like 60 heads snap and responded to him. He’s just such a natural leader. He doesn’t shy away from that too," Kittle said. "He embraces it. He knows he’s a leader on this team. He’s our quarterback. He’s our guy. He has done such a great job of leading us, whether that is on the field or off the field. He always has the right message for guys to get guys locked in and focused. He knows how to challenge people. A lot of my offseason has been learning how to become a better leader so I can help Jimmy so he can be our guy.

"It’s fun to have him on the team because I’ve never really been around a leader like that that has that voice. I’m just looking forward to sharing the field with him again because I know he’s definitely hungry and has a lot to prove. I just can’t wait for everyone to see how good he is."

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