Rex Burkhead struck by how quickly Jarrett Stidham picked up Patriots' offense


This will be Rex Burkhead's fourth season with the Patriots, his first without Tom Brady as the quarterback handing the ball off.

Appearing on OMF with Glenn Ordway, Christian Fauria and Lou Merloni, the Patriots' 29-year-old running back explained why he is excited for the new dynamic despite no Brady, with a lot of the anticipation coming from what Burkhead saw in potential starting QB Jarrett Stidham.

"Very impressed," Burkhead said when asked about Stidham. "Last year even though he didn’t step on the field that much, just seeing his improvement every day on the practice field, in meetings. He’s a very humble guy and he came in eager to work right away and picked it up so quickly. I think that is what struck me, how quickly he picked up the offense from the get-go. He’s out there making calls, making adjustments in audibles like he has been in this system for a while. I’m excited for him. Excited for his opportunity. Whoever is at quarterback —  whether it’s him, Hoy (Brian Hoyer), whoever — just ready to