Details of Tom Brady-Josh Gordon relationship emerge


Earlier this week, Tom Brady posted pictures to social media of him and Josh Gordon working out together.

Gordon is still suspended indefinitely by the NFL, so some wondered what the reason was?

It doesn't appear Gordon is any closer to being reinstated by the league, but maybe Gordon and Brady are closer than some thought.

“He recognized that Josh Gordon made the team better and recognized that he was going to need some attention," ESPN's Jeff Darlington said on NFL Live. "Josh Gordon was going out to dinner with Tom Brady and Gisele [Bundchen] at times because Tom recognized that he needs to bring this guy in, foster him, make him feel like he is at home, recognizing some of the issues that Josh Gordon goes through."

Darlington added: “While that is, in part, a guy just trying to get better, it’s also Tom Brady being a really good person, continuing to try to help out and manifest Josh Gordon ... Tom Brady, to this day, really respects Josh Gordon and would love to see him live a better life."

Gordon remains on the Reserve/Commissioner Suspended list following his indefinite suspension, although if reinstated he would be property of the Patriots as he signed his restricted tender with New England this offseason.